About My Beautiful Tantra

Tantra means Union.

Tantra originated in India centuries ago, and these days in the West, is an umbrella term for the weaving together of sacred, conscious and embodied sexuality teachings, drawing from ancient traditions and modern sexology as well.   My take on Tantra is very much influenced by a range of sacred sexuality teachings and practices and of course my personal experiences, and like all western practitioners, what we do is very much a distortion of what Tantra is in the East no question about it.  Rather what we do in the West is best described as Neo-Tantra.  It is more about the promises of pleasure, loving connection and cosmic union offered by the Tantric approach to embodied sexuality than the spiritual path of tradition.

Sexual Expansion and Sexual Healing.

Tantra teaches us how to expand our capacity for pleasure and extended states of bliss.  We know  the importance of a healthy, well balanced, expressive, and what about even transformative, amazing and transcendental relationship with our own sexuality and love making journey with our partners.   The possibilities are endless, and the tools of Tantra give us the skills to get there.  In the Tantric approach, sex is for healing, not just for recreation and procreation.  Different things happen when we make this shift in perception.... interesting things ... things you didn't know your body could do. 

Yes to Life.

The Tantric approach says yes to life, yes to love, and yes to experiencing life through the body and the senses.  We expand what is possible through bringing our attention to the more subtle realms.  These have the potential to open up into new expansive territories.  

Yes to Pleasure.

Pleasure is very important, not just because it is fun and feels good, but also because it is a marker of health for the body.  The body is designed to have ecstatic, high vibrational transformational experiences.  We have a lot more capacity for pleasure than we might have experienced.  It's a worthwhile journey.  These things, things of bliss, relaxation and pleasure are deeply healing for the body and enlightening for the mind and spiritual journey.  

Tantra is a Return to Erotic Innocence. 

Modern day sexuality seems overt and distorted.  The models for sex we are given in the media and the wide influence of porn are monotonous and unoriginal.  Love making has been banished and violence has replaced it.  In the Tantric approach, sex is seen as natural, sacred and beautiful.  We connect with innocence, vulnerability, curiosity and reverence. 

Tantra is Experiential.

Tantra is of the body, and through the body. It shows us how to embrace our bodies and use our sexual energy for the purpose it is intended.  Sexual energy is actually the energy of enlightenment - it enlightens us when we move the energy up and around our body.  It moves blockages, and the rewards are we get to feel more pleasure and more at home in our bodies, more alive.  It's a vital part of life, exploring your capacities to feel and experience new sensations and states of being.

Tantra creates Harmony between Men and Women.

Tantra honours the relationship between the mature masculine and the divine feminine. When couples bring these principles into play, their dynamic can become divine.  On a big picture level, all sacred sexuality teachings honour the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine equally. The seed and the creation.   Tantra could truly help heal the world, on every level, individual to planetary.  If we followed these principles, there would be harmony at all scales of life. 

Sex is Spiritual.

Cultivating pleasure and meditating on pleasure - yes please. Tantra is a spiritual tradition which unites sex and spirituality, seeing sex as a vehicle for spiritual experience. We are the most free of the usual confines of the ego when we expand our energetic states. The most effective way to do this is by raising the sexual energy and the vibrational frequency of your body, while in a state of meditation.   We can only achieve these high spiritual states within ourselves because of the embrace of the other.  Thus we honour the experience and the other for the divinity within them. 

Integrity.  Wholeness.  Fulfilment. 

A tantric approach helps people to be free, happy and self-empowered creators of their own lives. Working with sexual energy effects the greatest change through all areas of your life.  Self confidence, sex appeal, clarity, creativity, feeling whole, feeling at home wherever you are, success. Exploring our sexual energy and our sexuality is the most powerful place for self development.  It is catalyst energy. It has a ripple effect through all areas of your life, because it is empowering yourself from your innermost core.

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Thank you so much for today, it was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. Complete ecstatic abandon and total union of the physical and spiritual, and all in complete safety.