My Journey

People often ask me how I came to be a Tantric Guide. A tantric journey is always going to be a personal journey. 

For me, sacred sexuality dawned long before I started practising and offering it as a gift into the lives of others. 

It began as a quest to develop myself.  To live a whole life.  And know what it was that I was here in life to do. 

Most important to me was developing my creativity, my freedom of self expression, being able to voice my truth, and being able to live in integrity with myself and the world. I really wanted to cause no harm and to help heal the world.  Of course the truth is, we can really only heal ourselves and watch the ripple effect we cause.  

Yes, that's me.

Yes, that's me.

Over the years I spent a lot of time on embodiment and grounding myself. I found my connection through yoga and dance and meditation. Spending time living close to nature attuned me to her cycles, connecting me to the earth; I walked lightly and revelled in the awe I felt for the feminine. My mission was to be natural and free: to be in my body and my sexuality – to be here now. 

Post 30s, I developed a new ability to be sensitive to energy. I started to experience a whole range of different energetic sensations through my body, like cannonballs of energy blasting through me and my kundalini rising.  I learnt so much about cultivating pleasure without the need for arousal, but through embracing life and breathing it all in and developing my ability to feel into what was happening in my body on more subtle levels.   

As I continued to work on clearing my energetic and emotional blockages, and being more present in the HERE and NOW, I was exploring and understanding the power of my sexual life force energy and Sacred Sexuality.



A Natural Gift

I’m an energy worker, masseuse and life coach with a background in education, ecology, and a masters degree in life long holistic learning.

9 years ago I realised that I had a gift, a passion, and a unique combination of personal attributes and qualities to fulfil the role of a Tantric Practitioner. 

Honestly, it's the kind of role one is born to do, not a decision that one makes lightly… it was a big step making my private passion public.

But when I looked over the course of my life, I could see how my experiences, professional learnings, philosophies and personal qualities had prepared me for my role as a Tantric Practitioner.  

I realised I could serve humanity in a unique way.



The day I laid my hands on my first client I bowed my head with gratitude with the realisation that ‘This is what I am here to do!’.

As a Tantric Guide, I believe that sexual energy is largely misunderstood and under-used by many people. We have access to so much power. And super powers. So I feel blessed to support others to awaken their sexual potential, and transform their personal lives and spheres of influence, simply through touch and connection and sharing.

I’d love the opportunity to show you what I mean, and how you can too.

You will find me friendly, down to earth and elegant. Kind, gentle, funny, and wise.

Bella xx

I can’t thank you enough. Intimacy with my wife has been much more frequent & more satisfying since our session. We no longer start with the baseline of we are going to have intercourse, its just not about that now, rather its about connecting our hearts. Of course this often does end up in sex, but not always & it doesn’t matter either way. For my wife, this is revolutionary. In so many ways, she has been trying to communicate this to me, but my masculine head never understood. What I needed was to reawaken my heart. Also, now that I move my sexual energy, I don’t need orgasm to thoroughly enjoy sexual arousal. Its wonderful to be really aroused at the time & its vitality when its moved through my body - of course orgasm is really pleasurable as well!

Courses and Qualifications

Myofascial Release Therapy Professional Certificate.
(underway, with Chris O’Brien)
Cranio Sacral Therapy Core Practices (with Dr Michael Aaron)

Online mentoring with Shri Param Eswaran
Kundalini Activation Process with Vernant Wong

Kriya Yoga Initiation

2015, 2016, 2017
Reiki Tummo Meditation
- Levels 1-6
Open Heart Meditation - Levels 1-6
Spiritual Retreat
Access BodyWork

Access Consciousness - Foundation, Level 1, 2 and 3
Access Bars Facilitator
Prioritise Your Pleasure - Online Course

Lomi Lomi Massage Course

Energetic Orgasm, Yoni and Lingham Massage, Awakening Within Foundation
Sex and Relationships Coaching with Andrew Barnes
Dakini Mentorship Training Sacred Sexual Priestess Training with Triambika from the Ecstatic Awareness Institute

Tantric Massage Course - London
Sacred Sexuality Practitioner Training  with ISTA
Tantric Shamanic Bodywork with Carlos Jalon
Discovering Oneness – London Tantra Weekend with Luba Evans
Dancing the Divine – The Unleashing, Unfolding the Feminine Flower, The Course (These courses were a major investigation into feminine sexual energy)
Two day private Tantric Bodywork training with John Hawkens from The Tantric Path, UK

Quodoushka Level 1 and 2 (Native American Sacred Sexualty Teachings)
Recapitulated Shamanic De-Armouring (a 14 day process)
Wild Nights – based on the work of David Deida
Sexological Bodywork, San Francisco, home study course

Thai Massage Level 1 and 2  (2001)
Five Rhythms and Contact Improvisation Dancing. Dancing has taught the most about myself and about moving energy in my body.
Reiki Level 1
Psychic Development
MA Social Ecology
BA Arts/Education