Rex Brangwyn: Building Erotic Intelligence - Podcast

Charles Eisenstein – Rex Brangwyn - Masculinity: A New Story

This is a conversation between Charles Eisenstein (author of Sacred Economics) and Rex Brangwyn.

i thought it was wonderful, so I encourage anyone with an interest in deepening their sexual connection, male or female, to listen to it.  With their partner, if possible. 

Rex Brangwyn is a practitioner of psychosexual somatics, which uses sexuality as a gateway to physical, emotional, and psychological healing. In this conversation we talk about the incredible transformative power of female sexuality, and the role of the man (or other holder of masculine energy) in facilitating it. Rex says, “Most women have no idea the places they can go. The men aren’t around who can hold the space.... the erotic spaces a woman can go are truly astounding. And I think for a lot of unprepared men, they wouldn’t know what to do. They would probably run a mile.”

Rex describes the masculine quality of presence necessary for this journey – a gentle holding, respect, humility, and directionality. Cultivating these qualities is part of what he calls the building of erotic intelligence, which is a gateway to connecting with who we really are. It is a demanding path; as Rex says, “If we are to be present to women’s erotic opening, we have to be open to their rage. And if we are to be open to their rage, we have to be open to ours. We have to start this empathetic journey with women, with ourselves, and with the planet.”