Making Love - Barry Long

Australia's own Barry Long is one of the fathers of the modern Sacred Sexuality movement.  A truly self realised man.  He was one of, if not the first to talk about right love making.  This book is famous as an inspiration to many Tantra teachers and therapists.

This audio recording of his book, Making Love, Sexual Love the Divine Way,  is pretty eye opening, and maybe even challenging, as he is pretty critical of man, but it was the 80s after all.  He says that man has lost his way and corrupted love into sex.  Of course women also participate in and maintain the norm of the corruption of sex.  In his opinion, most problems of the world stem from this distortion.

His approach is very much that of a return to innocence. 

If you want your sexual union with your beloved to be a never ending source of communion, divine love and growth and rejuvenation, then Barry Long is your man. 

He outlines his method in a pretty strict fashion, I don't think it's necessary to follow his step by step instructions (get undressed with the lights on, don't say a word, no giggling) but instead absorb the essence of what he is saying, which is about taking the excitement out of sex. 

And so it begins:

"Woman's basic unhappiness, her perennial discontent, is because man can no longer reach her physically.  Her emotional excess, depressions, tearful frustration, even pre menstrual tension and the conditions leading to hysterectomy and other uterine problems, are due to man's sexual failure to gather and release in lovemaking her finest fundamental female energies.  ...

Man's basic unhappiness, his perennial restlessness, is because in forgetting how to make love,  he abandoned his original divine authority and lost sexual control of himself."   

Barry Long, Making Love Audio Book:

There are lots more Barry Long videos on youtube, or you can visit the website set up by his foundation