Couples Offerings

In a private, friendly and fun session, come celebrate and deepen your intimate connection. 

Embodied Sex Coaching  One hour $300 Two hours $450

Discover how a conscious sexuality approach to intimacy can transform your relationship to sex and pleasure.  Learn Tantric and contemporary practices for feeling more embodied and connected during intimacy.  Become a more relaxed or masterful lover.  Explore how to take your sex life from the physical to the energetic and the infinite,  and how to experience and facilitate healing states of bliss. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.  No nudity in the session.

Two Hour Tantric Massage and Slow Sex Coaching Sessions for Couples $600

Enhance your masculine and feminine energies
Expand your sexual energy and sexual mastery
Learn about slow sex through exploring the power of presence and conscious touch.
The session consists of conversation, meditation/embodiment/energy sensing exercises, and is mostly massage based, exploring polarity, extended orgasmic states and the benefits of the slow sex approach through Tantric Touch.  (Focusing on either one of the couple, being massaged by myself and the other partner.)

Four hour Tantric Massage Session and Slow Sex Coaching for Couples  $850

The same content as the two hour session, but four hours, giving us time to focus on both bodies, two of us massaging the other partner, and then swap.  

Thank you for teaching us about tantra. We had an amazing afternoon.  We have both really embraced the whole experience and it has taken us to a new level of intimacy.  Still practising! We also felt extremely relaxed and totally comfortable with you. We are interested in another couple of sessions. Thank you again for sharing your expertise with us.

Hi Bella, I just want to thank you again for the session J and I had with you. It was an amazing introduction into the world of Tantra and it was just what we were after. The best part is you were able to make J totally relax and enjoy the experience. That session has definitely brought us closer together and rekindled that spark. Thank you again.

We are now back in cold, freezing Norway, and I wanted to say thank you once again - for the mindblowing experience you gave us both last week. Spending a few hours with you was just amazing - and a true eye opener to a new world of emotions, sensations, sexual awareness and intimacy. I don`t know exactly how to describe it - and I`m not sure how we will move on - but we both agree that we will - one way or the other. We just have to find a Norwegian version of you. So again - thank you for your kindness and your friendly guiding towards - something completely different - and great! We sure hope to see you again some day.
— Messages from Couples