Couples Offerings

In a private, intimate, friendly, fun and sexy session, 
come celebrate and deepen your intimate connection. 


TANTRIC INTIMACY- 1 x 4 hour session, 2 X 3 HOUR SESSIONS - $2000


The session brings a lot of closeness and warmth to couples.

Its a very positive experience in itself, and it gives you a lot to go on with.

I help couples improve their connection through touch and intimacy.

I help couples improve their connection through touch and intimacy, and through understanding better how to work with masculine and feminine energies.

I will show you how to expand your sexual energy and sexual experience together.

And guide you to return to the simplicity of connection.

We will cover:

Masculine and Feminine Polarities and how to approach the different bodies.

Embodiment and Presence

Orgasmicness, Valley Orgasms and Peak Orgasms, all sorts of Orgasms

Heart/Genital Connections

Sensing and Working with Energy

The Curious Inquiring Mystery Tour of the Bodies Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Capacities

Extended Orgasmic States




Energetic Merging

And the various luscious and thoughtful tips and tricks of the sensual tantric masseuse.

The session will consist of conversation, meditation/connection exercises, energy sensing exercises, and is mostly massage based where I share my approach with you.  We work together on both bodies.  

TANTRIC INTIMACY - 1 x 4 hour session, 2 X 3 HOUR SESSIONS - $2000

For couples, sex is a journey, and it should only get better and better.  Sexual intimacy can make or break a love story.   Strengthening the sexual polarities brings ease and attraction to loving couples.  Young or older, wise or naive, feeling connected or feeling disconnected, this is an beautiful opportunity to develop together.

Hi Bella, thank you for an amazing experience on Friday night. We both enjoyed it immensely and it was a great start to a wonderful weekend.

Hi Bella, Just a personal note to say thank you and wow! That was truly a significant experience. We were exhausted for the rest of the day and I imagine it must take it out of you as well. Thank you for being so special and supportive. It was a safe and incredibly sexy space to learn about awakening something so significant. I was mesmerised by you and at the same time you would in a way disappear so we could experience this together. You truly are a master.

Hi Bella, Thank you for the most incredible experience. I didn’t know what to expect from a 4 hours session - but what I experienced was transformative. I can’t wait to further explore this new journey we are on ... Thank you for taking the time to really talk us through everything in such depth and with such passion.We will stay in touch!

It was a chance I took coming to see you as I wasn’t sure how my partner would take it, but I think it paid off in many ways and we are still seeing the benefits even now, a month later – thank you, Bella, for facilitating this for us! And thank you for a very special evening and for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us. You are a very special lady and I hope that we can meet again in the not too distant future.

Dear Bella. We are now back in the real world, and both have the most incredible memories of Friday night. Truly a most spiritual encounter. Thank you for your kindness, honour and understanding. You’ve positively changed our futures. I hope we may meet again.

Thank you for teaching us about tantra. We had an amazing afternoon.  We have both really embraced the whole experience and it has taken us to a new level of intimacy.  Still practising! We also felt extremely relaxed and totally comfortable with you. We are interesting in another couple of sessions. Thankyou again for sharing your expertise with us.

Hi Bella, I just want to thank you again for the session J and I had with you. It was an amazing introduction into the world of Tantra and it was just what we were after. The best part is you were able to make J totally relax and enjoy the experience. That session has definitely brought us closer together and rekindled that spark. Thank you again.

We are now back in cold, freezing Norway, and I wanted to say thank you once again - for the mindblowing experience you gave us both last week. Spending a few hours with you was just amazing - and a true eye opener to a new world of emotions, sensations, sexual awareness and intimacy. I don`t know exactly how to describe it - and I`m not sure how we will move on - but we both agree that we will - one way or the other. We just have to find a Norwegian version of you. So again - thank you for your kindness and your friendly guiding towards - something completely different - and great! We sure hope to see you again some day.
— Messages from Couples