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A Tantric Massage works with your sexual energy, which is life force energy. Tantra is the art of presence and relaxation during arousal, and this is what opens up new and extraordinary possibilities within your own body. Your energy is aroused at the beginning, in a relaxing and natural way, and during the massage, you can expect your erogenous zones to be honoured in a sensitive fashion, taking the energy you generate and moving it around your whole body, connecting everything in a pleasure-filled way.

For men, prostrate massage is available upon request, and is an important part of tantric healing. Read more about the benefits of prostate massage here.

A Tantric Massage asks you to maintain your focus in your own body, meditating on pleasure.  Even though it works with erotic energy, there is an innocence to tantric massage.  A tantric massage is honouring of the whole person.  Heart, soul, mind, emotions, body, spirit and sexuality.  Some people experience it as a reconnection to their divine self.

A Tantric Massage gently introduces you to the main keys of Tantra, which is always a deepening into your sexual potential and the amount of pleasure you can feel throughout the whole of your body.  It teaches you how to recreate the experience in your own personal life, for the benefit of you and your partner.

I touch your body lovingly with presence, acceptance and without judgement. I will connect with you sensitively.  I am adept at feeling and moving energy in your body.

Together we create an atmosphere of trust and safety, so that you can surrender fully. I invite you to honour the inner beauty and love of the feminine, as I honour the beauty and nobility of your divine essence.     

A Tantric Massage is truly a unique and memorable experience in a person's life. 

I look forward to our session...
Bella x

       About Tantra  | About Prostate Massage

Bella, Bella, Bella. What an experience. Calm, soft, angelic, heavenly. Today you took me to a place I have never been before and what a journey. You made me feel safe and loved. I cannot wait for my next experience and chance to continue my journey to bliss. Forever present and in the now.