If you have benefited from our time together I would be delighted to hear from you.


Bella, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for a sublime experience today.  You have an absolutely exquisite touch and intuition for what you do - it’s a gift. 

Thanks so much for today, it was very spiritual and healing for me. I really appreciate the love and kindness you showed me.  (Woman)

Bella, I wanted to thank you for your beautiful heart and caring spirit. You live up to your name in every sense! I came to you today to do two things: to indulge and to start a healing process. Our session was immensely valuable and an incredible indulgence. It was amazing to experience new things. I sense there is still much to learn, including how to fully let go. I will practice what you taught me and see you again. Thank you again, you are special.

Thank you for teaching us about tantra. We had an amazing afternoon.  We have both really embraced the whole experience and it has taken us to a new level of intimacy.  Still practising! We also felt extremely relaxed and totally comfortable with you. We are interested in another couple of sessions. Thank you again for sharing your expertise with us. (Couple)

Thank you for the beautiful experience this afternoon. i have taken it all in and i will embrace this in my journey moving forward. Take care.

I just want to say thank you so much for today Bella. From the moment I walked in I felt a sense of serenity. You are an amazing woman who was able to allow me to feel a sense of belonging both spiritually and a sense of healing within my body. Words cannot express the sensations that I felt but I can only put it down to your kind hearted nature and your Beautiful Aura. You have healing hands. Thank you again Bella. Hugs (Woman)

Hi Bella, I just wanted to drop you a message to say thank you. It was a really special experience and I really appreciated how comfortable you made me feel and how kind you were. My friends I saw afterwards were commenting that I was glowing and I just felt really content. P* also says thanks too for making me feel so comfortable. It has opened up a new world of discussion between us and exploration of learning more about Tantra. Thanks again. (Woman)

Thanks again, so much for today. It's still difficult to wrap my mind around the experience as I still don't know exactly where I went - other than knowing it was a very good place! First steps on what I hope can be a long and fulfilling journey. 

Hi Bella, thank you for an amazing experience on Friday night. We both enjoyed it immensely and it was a great start to a wonderful weekend.  (Couple)

Thank you so much for our session together on Monday. I found you very warm and caring and really enjoyed the experience. You've given me renewed confidence and the raw material for a different approach to the sensual side of life. It's very clear why you have such wonderful testimonials on your website. Thank you again and best regards.

Just a note to say a profound thank you for the time we spent together yesterday. It really was a divine experience and reassuring that, what I thought was a chronic condition, can be completely controlled in such a beautiful way. Your understanding was very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for today, it was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had.  Complete ecstatic abandon and total union of the physical and spiritual, and all in complete safety. (Woman)  

Hi Bella, Just a personal note to say thank you and wow! That was truly a significant experience. We were exhausted for the rest of the day and I imagine it must take it out of you as well. Thank you for being so special and supportive. It was a safe and incredibly sexy space to learn about awakening something so significant. I was mesmerised by you and at the same time you would in a way disappear so we could experience this together.  You truly are a master.  (Male, Couple)

Hi Bella,  thank you so much for the experience in our session today.  You showed me so much tenderness and understanding - it was an amazing feeling.  I hope we can meet again soon.  

Hi Bella, thank you very much again for the great experience.  i still feel very deeply relaxed, very much inside.  It’s wonderful.   (Woman)  

I can’t thank you enough. Intimacy with my wife has been much more frequent and more satisfying since our session. We no longer start with the baseline of we are going to have intercourse, its just not about that now, rather its about connecting our hearts. Of course this often does end up in sex, but not always and it doesn’t matter either way. For my wife, this is revolutionary. In so many ways, she has been trying to communicate this to me, but my masculine head never understood. What I needed was to reawaken my heart. Also, now that I move my sexual energy, I don’t need orgasm to thoroughly enjoy sexual arousal. Its wonderful to be really aroused at the time and its vitality when its moved through my body - of course orgasm is really pleasurable as well!

Hi Bella, Thank you for the most incredible experience. I didn't know what to expect from a 4 hours session - but what I experienced was transformative. I can't wait to further explore this new journey we are on. Thank you for taking the time to really talk us through everything in such depth and with such passion. We will stay in touch! (Woman, Couple)

Hi Bella I just want to say wow again that was a truly unique and wonderful experience. Thanks once again. 

Thank you Bella, I can't tell you what a difference the session made between my boyfriend and I. (Woman)

It was a chance I took coming to see you as I wasn’t sure how my partner would take it, but I think it paid off in many ways and we are still seeing the benefits even now, a month later – thank you, Bella, for facilitating this for us! And thank you for a very special evening and for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us. You are a very special lady and I hope that we can meet again in the not too distant future.
— (Couple-Sydney)

Dear Bella. We are now back in the real world, and both have the most incredible memories of Friday night. Truly a most spiritual encounter. Thank you for your kindness, honour and understanding. You've positively changed our futures. I hope we may meet again. (Couple)

Hi Bella, Thank you so much for yesterday's session. It was incredible and has inspired me in so many ways.

Hello Bella, 2 years ago I saw you in Sydney ( I don’t know if you remember me). I had the best experience in my life! After you I Have seen a practitioner in New York and in Paris in different trips but I can tell you nothing like the experience with you. (Woman)

We are now back in cold, freezing Norway, and I wanted to say thank you once again - for the mindblowing experience you gave us both last week. Spending a few hours with you was just amazing, and a true eye opener to a new world of  emotions, sensations, sexual awareness and intimacy. I don`t know exactly how to describe it - and I`m not sure how we will move on - but we both agree that we will, one way or the other.  So again - thank you for your kindness and your friendly guiding towards - something completely different - and great! Lots of love from W & R  (Couple from Norway -Sydney)

Dearest Bella! Thanks so so much for the exhilarating experience yesterday.  Your gentleness & sensitivity melted me into my own softness & tenderness. I really enjoyed feeling the soft sensation within ALL of my body.  It was the first time in my life yesterday that I allowed multiple orgasms to seep through me. I loved breathing the sexual energy up! Ahhh... How heavenly! Loved the energy vibrating in my throat too. Thanks for introducing me to Tantra in such a graceful & easy to understand way!  So much love and gratitude.
— Woman

Dear Bella, I am so glad that I came all the way from Paris to have with you a truly unique and magical tantric experience. You are a very unique and authentic person and although I have had many tantric massages before in my travels around the word, I was sincerely touched like never before and not only on my body, but in the emotions that you gave me. The 2 hours spent in your hands provided me so much that you can count on me to return whenever I’ll be back in Sydney.  

Hey Bella, I wanted to thank you for an amazing learning experience a few weeks ago. I felt so powerful and abundant, it was amazing to understand that it’s not always about climax when it comes to pleasuring. I had this feeling of pure pleasure last for 4 or so days, I sing all the time, as soon as I wake up, I’m vocalising so much! When I work on moving energy up through my body I feel ecstatic, and connected to my feminine. Before I saw you, I was using one finger to self pleasure and now I am using two fingers comfortably to continue massaging and expanding. It doesn’t hurt anymore. And I’m thinking less about climax and more about the energetic experience. Thank you Bella. (Woman)

Thanks again for today, it was amazing.  You truly are gifted as a guide, taking me to places deep deep inside, to connect & release.

Thank you for yesterday. It was a beautiful, indeed, potentially life changing experience. I will never be the same again, and I thank you again. 

Thank you so much for an amazing time last week. It was incredible to once again feel your
loving touch and melt away into a heavenly world of delicious pleasure. 

Hi Bella, I just want to thank you again for the session J and I had with you. It was an amazing introduction into the world of Tantra and it was just what we were after. The best part is you were able to make J totally relax and enjoy the experience. That session has definitely brought us closer together and rekindled that spark. Thank you again.  (Couple)

Good Morning Bella, Quite a few years ago, (possibly 2011) I came to see you for one of your sexual healing sessions. You were kind and understanding of the fact that my sexual problems ran quite deep & caused me to not be able to commit to a relationship or even get involved in any kind of sexual relationship.
We sat for possibly well over an hour & we talked as though we were old friends, you touched me in ways that made me feel safe & secure & in ways that I felt it was impossible for someone to connect with me. Afterwards you took me to the futon to help me control myself when it came to orgasms. 
Anyway, I had always planned to come back & visit you for more sessions to help me gain control over my mind & body but shortly after our session I was required to go to sea for 6 months as I was serving in the Royal Australian Navy. I came back a broken man, depression & PTSD controlled my life for quite a long time due to the things I saw & did while I was away. But in  2012 I met a girl & I we started dating (my first real relationship) she helped me with my issues & I helped her with hers. We both were in need of healing mentally & sexually. Then I realized, the reason I was able to help was because of the things you had taught me, about the fact that a relationship is not just about the sex but about a more deep connection. I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted. The good things that have happened since I can only put down to the connection you had with me for that short period of time. I am now married, coming up to 2 years in February, and I owe everything I have to you. Had I never seen you I don’t know where i would have ended up. My wife knows everything, she knows I once saw you & she completely understands why. I hope you are doing as well as I am & thank you for helping me connect. All my love & best wishes to you.    

Since my separation from a long-term partner my self confidence has been at an all time low.  Working with Bella has been a breath of fresh air. Her caring nature and extensive knowledge has not only given me my confidence back, but changed my whole outlook on life, love and relationships. Thanks Bella.

The way I understood my first tantric massage experience is that slowing down and taking the time for pleasure can be a very beautiful experience.  The time spent with you felt so natural and easy.  I enjoyed each sensation, the flow of conversation, and the rapport developed in such a brief time.  You helped me to realise that there is nothing more natural and beautiful than to be yourself.  All these years I've held myself back from people getting to know me, and after today, I feel more connected and willing to open up again.  Thank you Bella, beautiful soul. (Woman)  

Hi Bella,  I just wanted to thank you for such a lovely experience. I feel as if this relaxed smiley feeling could be with me for days.   

Hi Bella, This is just a quick note to thank you again for the absolutely incredible journey that you took me on. The experience I had was something so unique and I feel extremely privileged to have not only experienced it, but to have shared it with you. Your ability to engage and relax me quickly was fantastic, along with your incredibly sensual, sexy and down to earth nature. You are an extremely warm and giving person with a genuinely loving soul, something rare to find in people these days. To say your massage was relaxing and pleasurable is an absolute understatement. You managed to play my body like an instrument, deciding how and when to move energy throughout and ensuring that I received the best possible experience.  I still cannot comprehend what you accomplished, accept to say that it was the most intense, pleasurable, and relaxing experience I have ever had in my life. I think you were extremely modest in your comments that a lot of the outcome was my doing. You are obviously an extremely gifted human being, with an ability far beyond most mere mortals! You have opened my eyes to something that is so powerful and so incredibly enjoyable that I am now going to have to continue this journey of discovery and am eager to learn and experience more. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime, and I cannot wait to meet you again to experience more and learn from such a beautiful and talented person.

Thank you. You gave me the most personal and emotional experience I have ever had. 

In 4 short sessions while Bella was in Sydney, I made more progress than in the last 10 years. Every session I had a new and different, totally unique energetic experience – I had no idea my body could react that way. Bella shared her extensive experience and knowledge and made me feel completely comfortable. If you are anxious about seeing her, thats a sure sign you probably should make an appointment ASAP as, like me, it probably means you are allowing your head to control your body. Bella  can help you learn to change that! Thank you Bella for walking with me at the beginning of a new and exciting journey. (Woman)

Thank you so much for taking me on such a beautiful and magical journey and for being my tantric guide. I feel so alive!

Thanks so much for the amazing experience today, it was unlike anything I have experienced before. As I said I find it so hard to get out of the craziness of my mind, but today I left it all together.  Thanks again.

Hi Bella, I left our session on a high and have been using the breathing techniques where I can. It is interesting to feel new sensations, laughter, seeing nature waving back at me. Just generally making more noise on exhalation works wonders. Thanks again. Friday was transformative for me :)

Believe me when I say that I don’t think there’s anyone who can do what you do, as well as you can. You are a goddess and you have the touch, technique, beauty and presence to captivate and tantalise us mere mortal men. (London)

Hi Bella, I have been thinking of our session a lot – it was lovely.You really have a warm and comforting presence/manner. 

Grazie Bella, Thank you for a most enlightening experience. Just a few words to describe you:  unique and beautiful, spiritual and worldly wise, obviously from your life experiences. You have a gossamer like touch when applying your delicate art form and the spirit of well being you placed me in was simply beyond description.

Thank you so much for such a relaxing time. You’ve already taught me so much and I look forward to our next time together. You’re such an amazing person with the kindest heart, and I hope to learn more from you in the future. Thanks.

 Bella, Bella, Bella. What an experience. Calm, soft, angelic, heavenly. Today you took me to a place I have never been before and what a journey. You made me feel safe and loved. I cannot wait for my next experience and chance to continue my journey to bliss. Forever present and in the now. 

Beautiful heart: I have not met anyone quite like you and I am the better for our meeting, thank you. 

Bella,  Thank you for such a lovely experience. It was quite unique, for me at least. You were very kind, considerate and caring. So many questions I could ask you… Take care of yourself and best wishes. 

Seeing Bella was an amazing whole body and mind experience. Bella is obviously an expert in her field and I am glad that I was able to meet her whilst she was in London.

Bella is a Priestess of a sacred rite that is older than Abraham. She has shown me a way to loving kindness. Bella has an intelligent, sensitive and insightful approach to honouring her tradition. She opens connections to intrinsic, subtle energies and the greater Universal Life Force. She has also given me the most sensual life enhancing experiences of my life [five decades]. She has taken me to a place beyond mere earthly pleasure.

After our session you asked if I wanted to say anything but I was a little overwhelmed and unable to articulate my feelings at the time. Now, I understand this better. I have been fortunate enough to experience some success in my professional work, which can be extremely competitive and highly intellectual. However, I have known for some time that this has come with a loss of balance, not only between work and life, but also a loss of my centre. In my profession, one learns to nurture your intellect, tenacity and knowledge. These are of the head and not of the heart. You have helped to reawaken my heart. This is why your gift to me is profound. I now see that in meeting the demands of my professional success, my heart was being suppressed. This has transformed since meeting you and I am conscious of a deep compassion growing in me again. At the time I described this as love, which I think is a word that also fits. The compassion is familiar but very distant. When I was younger, I would nurture compassion in part through meditation. Sometimes when I went far into samadhi, my heart would expand beyond me and become part of the universe. This was the stage of my life when I entered my professional career and when I began to unconsciously suppress my heart. This was an emotional period for me and it is only now that I understand why. This is just one of a flood of insights that i have since gained from opening my heart. Some have led to a deeper understanding of my partner and our relationship. We have since been intimate and I experienced the valley of orgasms that you spoke about. The sensation was similar to what you showed me energetically,  but not the same. For example, the heart was still full, but energy was intensely moving from below, through my heart to one spot on the top of my head. I experienced several orgasms but did not ejaculate at all. We just ended naturally and satisfied.

WOW,  Thank you. I will treasure our time together and try to build on what you taught me. I feel more alive today than I did before we met. The fire in me has been re-ignited. Thank you so much. (London)

I have NOT recovered from your session yet, thank God! The wonderful energy and love from your session has continued to grow. I am having a blast and I quietly walk around glowing.  I am experiencing the most amazing positive energy and inner peace. I could have never imagined - me, a sexual/spiritual being, all in one? So profound,  so right. Connection to my Spirit, sex, energy, love- Wow!  Your professional, yet relaxed & friendly approach provided the perfect environment for such a special but complicated subject. I felt very comfortable at all times. My concern was addressed without me having to ask. I also never felt judged. The sessions taught me, how to reconnect and direct my energy towards a state of perpetual progress, adventure and discovery. I was particularly impressed with how you took a total stranger and made me feel so comfortable in the very first session. Maybe the friendly nature of yours is the reason. I feel a strong shift in my psyche and even my heart seems to be allowing subtle openings which weren’t there before the session. 

Hi Bella. I just wanted to say our session today was simply a delight. You were so caring and nurturing.   I’d love to talk about your experiences and philosophies as you seem to have a wonderful view of the world and attitude to people.     

The London tantra scene is lagging far behind what you can find on the west coast of the USA. It’s rare to find someone who has the right mindset and is able to translate that into a mindblowing physical and mental experience. Bella is an Australian who is visiting London this summer.   She uses her considerable knowledge and skills to be present and to deliver a most memorable massage experience without being overly into the spiritual side, which can sometimes be a letdown for me. She delivers the tantra promise of being made acutely aware of all senses and parts of your body, of having your arousal levels being slowly built up and being taken to multiple peaks and valleys and surfing that blissful edge for eternity.  Don’t let this opportunity pass to see her while you can.


One of the more profound and transformational events that have happened to me in the last few months is the Bar Access exercise that you did on me. I still do not quite understand what happened but I walked away from our session fundamentally changed, rewired if you like; you said at the time it was one of the most effective modalities that you use and I believe that.  At some point will do another bars session - as a brain adjustor it is unparalleled (in my experience).  


Crypt Fire

I am deep underground
In a stoney vault closer to the core Being tended to
By the hands of a woman

Her fingers are those of a cartographer Travelling the unknowns of my body Discovering new things:
Fiery highways down my thighs

Warm pools at the small of my back
Rivers snaking up my chest, cradling my jaw

Hamlets are around my nipples
Shepherdesses track along my tableland shoulders A lone campfire burns at my forehead

She wends her way over the spurs of my back Slides through the ravines skirting my sex
Her milky hands score my skin
And she patiently files away at my resistance Burning through my defensive cramps

I begin to moan like a ship at sea
Its hull massaged by a swelling current My hidden places are caressed
She knows my body

Soon she kneads me out
I’m a warm, golden cord stretched out over the mattress The fire in my sex tempers
And, like hot mercury
It pools out
Over the borders of my genitals
And into the temperate forests of my legs
Across the plains of my stomach
And laps gently at the roots of my chest

The energy does not flee
But rather grows from my member Two coals and a throbbing totem Watching over the controlled burn

When she is finished with me
I feel larger
Like I’m hanging from a tree on summer hill

I haven’t reached orgasm
Yet I feel like I have
The energy, instead of being shot out
Has been distributed in portions
To different sectors of my body
Like fertiliser on neglected parts of a garden

Learning to purely recieve pleasure One can learn how to truly give it

Know yourself like a house With its shadowed rooms And gleaming thrones

Learn the land of the body
Yours and someone else's
So you can both travel into each other And share the wonders
Of the fruit
Hidden within each other’s temple.  


And last but not least,

You’re an extremely talented woman – but you know that, don’t you?

Thank you so much. I truly love what I do and am honoured by each encounter. xx