Welcome to my healing oasis.

My name is Bella.

I work with men, women and couples in Sydney Australia to heal, expand and transform sexuality through my Beautiful Tantric Bodywork Sessions.

And with people worldwide, via the wonder of Skype. 

I help people with their sexual sensual self esteem and with getting more in touch with their own bodies and their own needs and their pleasures and that of their partner's.

Men and Women can choose Tantric Massage for Men, or Tantric Massage for Women.

A Tantric Massage is always a positive, empowering, expansive, healing and potentially life changing experience for you and your body.

Or, if sexual healing is the issue, please consider a coaching package, Sex and Intimacy Coaching for Men and Restoring the Soft Sensual Feminine Body for Women.

Couples can come and learn how to apply the principles of Tantric Touch in their own lives. There is a 4 hour session,  Tantric Connection for Couples, or, if you would like to delve more deeply and have more fun, please consider my package of 3 coaching sessions, Tantric Intimacy for Loving Couples.

Please look at my Offerings page to see the sessions I have created and what I can personally do for you.  

Or click through to the next page if you'd like to know more about me.  (I hope so.)

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