On Love

One definition I’ve been playing with …

Love is Pleasure.

The pleasurable feelings of our own hearts which are ours to cultivate and enjoy.  

Love is the fundamental energy of the universe.  
Everything is consciousness, and consciousness is love.

Universal energies are benevolent and loving.  

Life wants the best for us.

We are loved.

We can tune into love, it's a universal frequency. 

Existence reveals its secrets only to lovers; to unloving hearts existence is unavailable. The key to open the doors of existence is love. Love existence and you will be surprised that existence starts loving you, because whatsoever we give to existence comes back a thousandfold. Become a lover and you will find you have become a beloved. 

~ Osho

Mystically speaking, I tend to think of the universe as one big hot orgasmic mess.

We live in a cosmic dancing cosmos. What do you think a star feels like when it is born?  What does it feel like to be a cliff face and have the wind caressing you erotically for infinity?  Imagine being a volcano! All flowers are fucking with birds' beaks and bees' feet, nature the wild the untamed, it’s all a gloriously fucked wide open, bed-headed, tangled mess.

An infinite number of beings and life forms are making love everywhere throughout eternity.  I am fluid flowing sexuality in motion, therefore I know that I am alive!  Poor Descarte, ‘I think therefore I am’ the loneliest of philosophical statements, the emptiness of the individual who thinks he is his thoughts, the epitome of the mad made prison of civilisation and superiority and separation.

I digress...

Love is a choice, a place we can come from in our interactions and relationships.  We are here to love and be loved, are we not?  It's the best thing about being alive. 

When we love someone, our heart lights up, it's so pleasurable.   Indulge all the sensations of the heart with great delight, these feelings are ours to enjoy.  We can cultivate such wonderful feelings by meditating on the heart. 

The heart has enormous capacity for orgasmic pleasure, radiance, and blissful feelings of expansion.  Life is so beautiful when the heart is shining like the sun.

The more we meditate on the heart, the more pleasurable the sensations get and it can feel like we are one with existence, like there is a little galaxy inside, a portal to a different world.  

Pleasure as a pathway, pleasure is love.

heart galaxy.jpg