Feel. Sense. Be.

That's all it comes down to.  The simple things.  You put your bodies together in love and you breathe together, and you stay present, and you move with the sensations that are aroused from this approach. Every thought is considered a distraction in this approach.  You follow the body, it's natural movements, sounds and desires.  Immerse yourself in every part of your partner, every sense, every sensation.  Take it slow, oh so slow, to move so slow requires real presence. The only place to be is in the moment and the rest takes care of itself.  When you drop the singular focus of the sexual agenda, then love making occurs.  The whole body becomes ecstatic.  Cells vibrate.  Partners merge energetically through sharing the breath and through the divine heart space they are willing to celebrate together.    The true dynamic of love making is the masculine delighting the feminine with sensuality.  The more sensual the approach the more pleasure she feels.  The more pleasure she feels and the deeper she descends into her body, the more magic that happens, for him as well.  

feel sense be beautiful tantra