The Masculine Woman in Disguise

This woman may be in disguise.  She looks very feminine.  In fact, she looks very feminine indeed.  Dressed in heels and a sexy dress, a well cared for body and a made up face.  She looks like she’s all woman.    She may think she’s all woman, because she’s got the look, the waxing, the boobs, the high heels, the manicure and pedicure. 

But she’s not.

Be very careful! 

You’re going to have to look behind the surface to find out what’s going on here.  The type of woman I’m describing, she may look feminine, but she is not really.  On the contrary, she is strong in her masculine energy, while masquerading as a feminine woman.    A masculine woman in the bedroom wants sex hard and fast. She rejects sensuality and even foreplay. She’s used to being pounded in sex and is addicted to clitoral orgasms.  It could be the way her clitoris is positioned.  Maybe she gets off on hard stimulation and forces that from her man with his pelvis pounding against her pubis so she can achieve clitoral orgasms.  Maybe its the way she’s been trained and trained herself.  The porn conditioning.  She’s perpetuating this dysfunctional form of sexual expression because it’s all she knows.   She thinks her role is to perform in the bedroom, to sex things up, to make things hot and steamy and visually very exciting.   She doesn’t really want to be seen for who she really is, as that brings up her vulnerabilities.  When sex slows down she feels vulnerable, out of her body, and out of her depth.  She puts pressure on her man to perform.  Sex is a pretence in this circumstance, ultimately limiting and repetitive. And potentially very damaging to the man’s sexual self esteem.  I hear stories from clients about this.  About the pressure they are under to perform at such a hot high temperature all the time, how it means they can’t last as long as they used to, and then how that pressure compounds on them because she starts to moan about the fact that her last boyfriend could last for hours pounding her this way.  Sure he could!   He pushed his pleasure so tightly down inside him and numbed himself against feeling so that he could pound her with his desensitised penis for a long time.  That is not a pretty scene!  

This type of woman is very common in Australia, and she knows nothing of her true feminine sexual depths and potential.  

I would pay attention to who is doing the seducing.  Did she seduce you?  That’s flattering! Did she invite you home?  Did she take the lead?  Have you found that now it’s months later, and you’re actually going out together, even though you never asked for this, and even though you’re not really that turned on by her sexual demands?  You never claimed her.  She claimed you.  That is another role reversal of the masculine feminine dynamic.  These relationships are likely to fail as our high divorce rate shows.  Apparently 60% of relationships are initiated by women … leading to our very high divorce rate, in which 80% of divorces are initiated by women.  What this says to me is that women should not be the ones doing the claiming.  I know that sounds traditional and outdated but it’s not, it’s a sacred dynamic of the masculine and feminine.  The masculine claims the feminine.  Sure, that can go either way, women can claim men, for sure.  But for all time, you will have this imbalance, so think carefully about what you are doing.  You are a man.  Do you want to be the masculine energy in a relationship, or are you happy to surrender that to the woman?  For some couples, this can work out just fine.  I guess!  For others, it happens unwillingly and it doesn’t work out well.  The woman is wearing the pants and the man is emasculated.  It is not a pretty relationship dynamic to observe.  It is so common in Australia!  This country breeds masculine women.  

To avoid the masculine woman, you need to feel a woman’s energy, not just judge her on her appearance.  If you want to be a masculine man, you want to find a feminine woman.  A feminine woman is softer, in her feminine flow, more receptive, and ultimately probably kinder to you!  She will give you signals that she’s noticed you, but ultimately it is your role to approach her if you want to get to know her.  You should be providing the direction of the relationship willingly, not just along for the ride or not sure how it happened. 

I hope this blog post helps you avoid the potential pitfalls of accidentally ending up with an over-masculinised woman in disguise. 

Have you ever experienced a situation like this?  Let me know in the comments section below.