Genital Armour

Genital armour refers to tension, tightness and hardness which builds up in the genital area which blocks energy flow to the pelvic area.

We all have body armouring, defence structures that the body creates to help us cope with childhood and life in general.  Sometimes it was necessary to resist and to protect ourselves from the inevitable violations and traumas of life.   By armouring, the body seeks to protect itself from pain, emotional, physical or spiritual.  

Genital armouring manifests as either a reduced level of sensitivity or a heightened level of sensitivity in the genital area: hyper-sensitivity. 

Genital armour is built up through the tendency of the body to store traumas, stress and other limiting patterns of relating in the genital area.  Women store imprints of every negative or unsatisfactory sexual experience in the muscular tissues of their vagina.  Objectification, mental or emotional abuse, sexual intercourse without sufficient foreplay, shaming cultural messages, making love when you don’t feel like it, failing to have satisfying orgasms, or undergoing gynaecological procedures are all contributing factors. 

For men, circumcision, cultural and religious conditioning, as well as the mainstream’s contribution to teaching men to thrust forcefully during love-making contribute to genital armouring.   It manifests as the penis requiring extra strong stimulation to achieve arousal, or contrastingly, oversensitivity, a ‘don’t touch me or I'll come’ defence.  Armouring is also experienced in the tension of the anal sphincter muscles, which many people unconsciously hold needlessly tight, or in the way people create a curvature in the lower back so that they can pull their genitals in closer to hide them away.

Peak tension orgasms are a contributing factor to genital armouring.  The body must create tension to release into orgasm, but following, not all of the tension is fully released from the body, and this builds up over time.

A healthy vagina is soft and relaxed, with no tension, numbness or pain in the vaginal walls.  All the tissue of the vagina is capable of orgasmic pleasure when aroused. 

A healthy penis is not metal hard, it has a softness and a flexibility to it whilst still being firm and erect.

Acupressure and massage including deep tissue techniques can be used to release genital armour, to allow for more relaxing and pleasurable sexual experiences.  This massage is usually performed by a qualified sexual healer, or by your partner if they learn how to do it.  Women can maintain the tone and flexibility of the vagina by self pleasuring with their fingers or a glass or crystal wand, to push into the walls of the vagina and to release tensions.  Men can recondition their penises by stroking them with a much lighter and more sensual touch that takes place over more of the body, thighs, stomach, testicles and so on.  

When a woman's vagina is healed, it is soft and naturally yielding, welcoming, allowing a sense of trust and playfulness in lovemaking. She will be open to receiving the love of her man. When a man's penis is free of armouring and he has healed his penis it will be more flexible, warm, and vibrantly alive when erect. He will also feel more open and receptive, relaxed and playful during lovemaking.  Margot Anand