Feminine Essence

A woman in touch with her feminine essence is a sensual, grounded woman, in touch with her true strength which is love. 

As women, our power is found through going within and inhabiting ourselves with gratitude.   Qualities like grace, compassion and awareness radiate from us the more in touch with our bodies we become.  

Our power resides in our sacred centre, our pelvic bowl, our vaginas and wombs.  And this is also where we store our traumas, our griefs, our gripes, and all unexpressed emotions; in our wombs and in the walls of our vaginas.  

Literally being the centre of our body, when we achieve balance here, we feel balanced in all areas of our lives.  When we unlock tensions here, we unlock more of our full body orgasmic capacity, and the more our feminine essence and magnetism increases.  We access the pleasure and bliss and the embodied peace of our inherent nature. 

When a woman has deeply explored and healed herself from within, by freeing the vagina, cervix and womb of tensions and toxic emotion, she has a special quality of being grounded in her body and receptive to life.  She becomes free of hang ups and neurosis. This can be felt and seen by anyone in her presence, and it has a relaxing and opening effect on others.   She is at home in her body.  She knows herself.

We experience the greatest beauty and joy of our existence through the pleasures of being alive.  
 Sensuality is that blissful feeling of being alive to the cellular and orgasmic pleasure of the body.  
 Sensuality is key to a woman deepening into her feminine nature.
Sensuality means to live through the senses.

Living through the senses connects us with our bodies, and brings us into the now, the only place to be. It keeps us grounded in the moment, and open to the pleasures and beauty of life.   Becoming more and more aware of how pleasurable and fantastic it is to have a female body and how sex and sensuality for pleasure and relaxation and soul and spirit growth is such a defining key to feminine essence.

Paying attention to how we move, and how we care for and consider our bodies is the practice that brings us home.  Honouring ourselves with self love and compassion.  Prioritising loving self care practices, and prioritising ourselves and our need to relax.

Perceiving the wisdom and power of sensuality is one of the most important steps on the path to awakening. - Sharon Rose - The Path of the Priestess

Simple Practices to Connect with Yourself Sensually.

Feel how the fabric of the clothes you are wearing caress your skin, or tune into how your nipples brush against your bra or shirt.   

Feel how your hair is brushing against your neck and how that gives you goosebumps.  

Squeeze your vagina muscles a few times, and tune in for the afterglow.

When you walk, drop your awareness into your hips and pelvic bowl, and feel how you undulate as you move … feel the sensuality of your thighs brushing together. 

Find the birdsong amidst the noises of the city.

When you apply lotion to your body, do so in a sensual and self loving way. 

Take relaxing magnesium and lavender baths at least once a week.

Dance.  Free flow dancing is one of the greatest things you can do to deepen into your feminine.  

Receive more massage.


The more we breath the more we feel.  Deeper breaths stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation.  Relaxation is essential to pleasure. When we breathe shallowly, we are in thinking mind, which is a masculine energy.  When we breathe deeply we are in the body and in the feminine, we can centre ourselves, and be in our bodies more than our minds. From here we are present and aware and responsive rather than reactive. Practice breathing more deeply, full belly breaths, and cultivate more relaxation in your life to deepen your feminism presence.

The more embodied we are the more empowered we feel.  The more we can create our own lives.  

If you have tension and or numbness or pain in your vagina, then you may want to begin the process of vaginal dearmouring for yourself, or come and see me and have a yoni massage.  I’m going to write another blog post about that. 

What fun that the pathway home is to inhabit ourselves as sexy, switched on, pleasure filled, embodied women. They say that women are mysterious creatures; it's being in touch with our own mysteries that gives us that indescribable and intriguing quality that attracts the world to us, the beautiful dance through life of the feminine; now that’s the true beauty of woman.