Sexual Self Esteem and Feminine Polarity for Women

Sexual Self Esteem is how a woman feels about herself in relation to matters of sex, how much she knows about herself sexually, and about the feminine mysteries of her own body, her ability to flow freely and enjoy sex, to know what she wants and to have clear boundaries.  A woman with high sexual self confidence is attractive to men, or whoever she wants to relate with. 

Sexual self confidence can be sensed, it affects the way you stand, walk, and talk.  It reveals itself in the way in which you move through the world.  The things you are willing to try and the places you will never go.   It affects how much you participate in life, and how much you hold yourself back.  The sexual part of ourselves is the deepest part of us.  It affects everything we do. 

When you have high sexual-confidence in yourself you attract the opposite sex.  This is not about ego, not about manipulation, and not about seduction.  It’s not about dressing sexy, or pretending to be sexually self assured.

It’s about the degree of comfortableness you have with yourself.  

It’s about the space you have cleared within yourself which makes other people feel very comfortable being around you. 

It’s about knowing yourself at the deepest levels.

It’s about being in touch with the pleasures and the mysteries of your own body, and therefore your own wisdom and maturity.

Then your aura projects a kind of magnetism, because you are free of inhibitions, neediness, insecurities and resentments towards the opposite sex.  You don’t have a need to control your partner or to create conflict.  Instead you are available for a mature relationship. 

If you are not in a relationship but wanting one, working on your own sexual self esteem through self exploration of your sexual self is one of the most important things you can do to prepare.  

When you have a high sexual self esteem you will naturally have great boundaries, and be able to attract a higher quality man.   Don’t accept what you don’t like, and as you say no to it you attract more of what you do like.  And as you evolve.  People you relate with are mirrors to you.  

If you can’t find a great man, then work on making yourself a great woman, because there are plenty of wonderful men out there.  We really have to look at ourselves and take responsibility for our own lives and our own choices.

Sexual Self Esteem fundamentally requires that a woman embraces and cherishes her own femininity and her own feminine sexual energy.  If she is running a masculine energy, then the energy between her and her love interest is more of a wrestle than the rewarding dance it could be.  

Masculine men are attracted to feminine women and vice versa.  The extremity of the polarity between them causes a great attraction.  But if two people are both running the same energy, then there is no polarity, and attraction is difficult to maintain.  Women must accept that we were born women, that we have feminine gifts and treasures within us that are available to us to explore, and quite simply, we are missing out on a whole lot of incredible orgasmic pleasure and possibility and self development if we don’t dive deeply into our feminine natures.  

Spirituality is a different thing for men and women. 

They say that the masculine way is to empty, like the empty meditative mind, whereas the feminine way is to fill.  To become aware of everything, rather than focused on the still one-point of singularity.   The masculine way may be to deny the body, to overcome it, the triumph of will over desire, whereas the feminine way is to go deeply into the body, to inhabit it fully, and to transform matter into spirit via sex and sexuality.

We women don’t have to chase relationships, when the time is right, he will appear.  He will come and find you, as your magnetic feminine essence will draw him to you.   Just keep working on your sexual self esteem.  Explore your body and your desires.  Free yourself of shame guilt and fear.  These are artificial constructs that don’t naturally belong to you, they have been implanted in you via your upbringing and social conditioning.  Any time we hear an inner voice that tells us we ‘should’ or we ’shouldn’t’, then we can know that this is not our own personal opinion, this is an implant we have picked up somewhere, and it’s not something we need to listen to, it’s something we need to absolve ourselves of.   Freedom only comes from within. 

On the other hand, nothing heals like a loving relationship. 

It is essential that a woman knows more about her sexual style and orgasmic potential, so that she can be a match for a great guy and create an intimate, sexually satisfying relationship together.

Sex and intimacy are the cornerstones of great relationships.  

It pays to know yourself and to understand the power of the feminine within you.