Pleasure and Healing go Together

Happiness on a biological level is a body full of balanced hormones, chemical reactions such as endorphins and oxytocin, an abundance of life force energy,  and the capacity to cultivate delicious feelings of orgasmicness and blissful sensations of pleasure throughout the body.   Having a positive relationship with your sexual nature is such an important part of a woman’s healthy and fulfilled life.  The joy of being alive has a lot to do with the amount of pleasure we feel.

 True feminine beauty blossoms from within as a result of a well balanced hormonal system and a deeply nourished reproductive system which includes a satisfied sexual organ system.  For this we need good quality, highly full body orgasmic sex and/or regular movement of our sexual energy.  Either by ourselves, or best of all is with another. 

This is what gives women that special glow, that magical effect on people.  Refined feminine sexual essence.

Pleasure is health giving and healing.  Bliss states are extremely healing for the body and mind.  Bodies are supposed to feel pleasure and bliss states. That’s how they’ve been designed and it’s one of the best things about having a human body.  States of arousal and ecstasy are very healing and rejuvenating for our internal organs, and hormonal and reproductive systems.  Orgasms also clear the mind of anxiety and neuroticism.  

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The amount of pleasure you feel in your life is a great indicator of how healthy your body is.   It means all the systems are running well, hormones are balanced, energy channels are open and organs are in harmony.   

We feel free beyond the usual confines of the ego when we expand our energetic states and when we have experiences which are outside our norm.  Sensual touch, and touch that awakens our energetic bodies, combined with sexual arousal is the way to get there.   Sensual touch is what awakens a woman's sexual response.  

For women, our spiritual way is one of fullness, this fullness is so tied to our the health and esteem and happiness of our sexuality.  If we deny it, it will turn backwards on it itself, manifest in problems of the mind and diseases of the reproductive system.

Your yoni is sacred.  It is the portal to your soul.  

Our vaginas are supposed to be relaxed but toned, not tight, not loose.  Tension in the pelvic bowl creates tension all through the body and affects the mind and affects your ability to be a creatress.  The pelvic bowl and womb and bellies are our centre - when we live our lives from this power centre, the whole world changes.  

As women our hearts, our wombs, and our yonis are all sacred portals that we can inhabit and access the divine through.  These organs are portals of revelation, you could say.  

Orgasmic pleasure is vital to a woman.

Orgasms are very important.  But equally important is orgasmicness.

Orgasmicness is how much pleasure you can feel in your body.  We don’t need external sexual stimulation to lead an orgasmic life.  We create that ourselves by cultivating pleasure in our lives and tapping into the energy we have within us.  It’s there all the time, we just have to pay attention.  

Every wave of pleasure, or  energetic ripple, or contraction and expansion you feel is an orgasmic sensation.  We’ve just been taught to think of orgasm as something that arises in the genitals, and has a lot to do with clitoral stimulation and we could even have made it somebody else’s responsibility.   Women are not genitally focused though we have been created by man to be so.  We are whole body sensual and orgasmic creatures, and we need to cultivate this in ourselves, and demand this with kindness from the men we are with.   Good boundaries are easy when you fall in love with yourself.

For sure we have been over sexualised and encouraged to disconnect from our own sexual power by the mainstream approach.  Women are so sexually powerful.

Orgasmic power is creative power.  

In Sacred Sexuality we are taught that women give birth to all things.  

Not just babies.

Everything in this world is given birth to through the womb of woman.

We are the source of all life, and through our wombs all aspects of creation are birthed, from famine, to war, to peace, to families.

The feminine aspect which has been suppressed for thousands of years, is on the rise.   You can hear women roaring.  But which kind of roaring is it?    Listen for the embodied roar of the awakened wild woman, and discern between that and the moaning of the women with the unhealed anger towards the masculine. 

Women around the world are waking up to the fact that the way home for us is into the body.

We are realising the importance of healing our relationship with our sexuality.

We need to understand the the world needs a balance of masculine and feminine energies.  

Every woman needs to take this journey back to reclaiming themselves.  The world needs us to do this.    But most importantly, we need it.  For ourselves.